About The Band

Love & happiness voices through Sins of Sincerity on their full-length album "Signal Fires" and through the band members. Sins of Sincerity is best known as the Canadian 4 piece Pop/Rock band from the unique & popular city Toronto (ON) fronted by Adil C. Through passionate emotions, front man Adil C. (vocals, songwriting/recording, art direction), Alex O'Callahan (bass), Ethan Clark (drums), and Brandon Lee (guitar) ~ express their love and compassion to their fans, Sins Family, not only through connecting/reaching out to their listeners, but as well with angelic vocals & heartfelt lyrics with cinematic & catchy song writing, and hard-hitting beats.

They grew up together in a suburban city called Mississauga, next to Toronto. Alex and Adil went on many adventures that sparked majority of the band's content. Between flying to the states and meeting fans, all the way to recording tracks that connect deeply with the fans, Sins Family. Travelling is the band's top favourite recreation. During the writing process of "Signal Fires", the band decided to shoot their album title track's music video in the forests and waters of Muskoka, where Ethan had grown up in.